Your Super Squad Brush Set

6 Brushes (1 Double-Ended) + Makeup Bag

Discover DIY glam made easy thanks to our expertly-edited set of six, must-have makeup brushes. Full-size, high-quality synthetic brushes are perfectly portable thanks to a sleek, holographic cosmetic bag with zipper.



Whether you’re a true makeup fanatic or more of a minimalist, this all-in-one brush collection sets you up for flawless face, cheek and eye application every time.

  • Six essential makeup brushes in a zippered cosmetic bag:

    Dual-Ended Foundation/Concealer Brush
    Applies and blends liquids and creams with a flawless finish

    Precision/Highlight Brush
    Enhances and sets with precision

    Powder/Bronzer Brush
    Seamlessly delivers a perfect veil of powder

    Blush/Contour Brush
    Shades and sculpts with ease

    Multi-Use Crease/Blender Brush
    Delivers allover color and expertly blends

    Small Shadow Brush
    Shades and defines for maximum impact

For best results, clean brushes once a week with your favorite brush shampoo or cleanser.

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